CarTrust Education is an innovative approach to car shopping using a 6-step proven formula that reduces stress and confusion when buying or selling your car.

What is CarTrust Education?

CarTrust Education is an e-learning platform designed to empower women car shoppers of all ages with clear, unbiased, brand-independent information. The objective is to provide online video course and materials that will help you identify the 3 key elements that lead to car buying satisfaction.

1. Budget    2. Needs    3. Reward

CarTrust Education is a 100% independent education group with no affiliation to any dealership or automotive manufacturer. Our objective is to focus on education and industry car shopping solutions that guide you how to save time using 2 different learning options :

1. Online video training courses
2. Live one to one professionnal automotive consultant (coming soon 2016)

«It’s time for a change!»

CarTrust Mission

The CarTrust mission is to provide our members with a Structured Car Buying
experience using our personalized automotive assistance program. The objective is to simplify the automotive retail buying process by providing a stress-free environment for our members. This simplified method creates a more trustworthy approach for all members Providing substantial annual savings.

Our unique 6 step consulting approach is designed to focus on our members’ needs and their automotive profiles to provide a simpler way to buy, sell and repair their vehicles. The CarTrust Professional Automotive Consultants provide an easy-to-follow roadmap to ensure our members attain a Trusted car shopping experience that is transparent.

Members will be able to save substantial time and money within the 3 key areas of automotive services:

1) New car shopping –  Get best prices.
2) Selling your car – Get the most.
3) Auto servicing and maintenance – Pay for what you only need repaired.

You are not alone anymore with CarTrust as your partner.


CEO and Founder, Joseph Niro

«My goal is to simplify this 39 step complex process and restore trust , transparency and savings back to Woman Drivers.» – Doc Joe – Your New Car Doctor

Joe Niro has been working as an independent automotive consultant with new car buyers since 1984. For the past 25 years he has helped countless women to decipher and understand the complex car-shopping cycle using his simplified one-contact approach.

He has diagnosed 6 different areas that affect buyers on an emotional level that cause medical side effects.

His passion makes the car-buying experience clear and stress-free. Joe’s formula is to use a systematic 6-step approach that empowers you to put emotions aside to provide you with the true essential to purchase your next car… Haggle free!

With over 300 models on the market the research and finance aspects of the process have become overwhelming. Author of the industry-standard “Smart Woman’s Car Buying Guide”, Joe is happy to now provide the same deep knowledge in an easy to follow video course series, enabling many more car-buyers to benefit from his years of expertise.

The New Way – Simple one point of contact

We provide a physical place in your city to meet with your automotive consultant in an environment where you will not feel intimidated or pressured into making decisions before you are ready. Our Website and tools will also simplify your shopping. Remember, we do not sell cars; we help you find the right car that meets your budget.