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The Smart Woman’s Car Buying Guide

How this book will guide you to become a Smart Car Shopper!

cartrust-ebook-20000Hello my name is Joseph Niro – I am known as The New Car Doctor due to my diagnostic 6 step approach. I have been a professional car consultant for over 25 years guiding retail consumers like you to relieve common car shopping symptoms like: stress, anxiety , headaches, emotional car shopping trauma and sleepiness nights. Many times I would get calls at 1or 2 am with a member who had access to my cell phone telling me Please Help!! Today the Guide has 6 proven steps that will certainly alleviate and avoid these symptoms.

In the past the Automotive industry and car dealerships created a language of their own, mainly geared to men. The 0-60 speed tests, the barking braking tests, cornering tests, size of the engines lingo, transmission and gear lingo and many more. Today’s women buyer is looking clear features information and pricing info!

It is No Longer a man’s World

In the past 35 years the demographics have drastically changed for Women. In 1976 Women made up about 15% of cars sold. Fast forward to 2014 women make up close to 50% of all cars Sold. It is No Longer a man’s World. It is a known fact that 80% of The home budget are managed by Women. Over $300 Billion is spent by women annually on car and services. Today’s Women are The Chief Financial Offer of their home – says Anne Fleming President of According to Linda Babcock (“Women Don’t Ask” by Linda Babcock) Women pay $1353 more than men because she is not sure How To negotiate with a Dealership. So CarTrust takes All this pain away with Professional Consultants and On-line courses that will give you a better understanding How To Negotiate effectively with specific forms and tools.

Very few car companies and dealerships groups are addressing women’s needs like CarTrust is doing. At CarTrust we believe in the dealership retail solution but there has to be a more transparent method to help and guide many consumers who do not have the Car Lingo. The Smart Woman’s Car Buying Guide will teach you how to shop , identify your profile, determine your budget and provide a simpler one-one approach based on transparency and information integrity. No sales pitch ever will come from CarTrust. We guide consumer we DO NOT SELL CARS. No one automotive entity has devoted all its energy and resources to guide Women successfully to their new car purchase. According to Carlos Ghosn Chairman and CEO, Renault-Nissan Alliance.

Closing the ‘Gender Gap’ Just Makes Sense!

For many years, scores of women have asked me to document my thoughts and process for an Improved car shopping approach. This Book was explicitly written and structured for a simpler and clearer shopping experience that is focused primarily on Women’s needs. There are no such organization dedicated to automotive consulting support like CarTrust!! I have designed a simple 6 step approach that will save you anywhere form 15-30 hours of research and shopping plus save you a significant amount of money because you have determined your profile and budget. Finally with Book and on-line courses you will discover the secrets to save $1000-$5000 depending on product lines and automotive incentives.

CarTrust Consultants always find the best prices and advise you when is the right time to buy. We all know the manufacturers have monthly incentives but we never know what they will be.
Your Car Doctor
Joe Niro
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