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Anne Fleming, President of

#1 Women’s automotive advocate.
The most influential car buying advocate providing parity for women in north america.

Nicole G. Satisfied CarTrust Member

«I saved over $3100 with incentives and lease rate loyalty.»

Shopping for a new car can be so confusing. I was glad I hooked up with Cartrust services. I was totally confused by dealers giving one price and then it would change the next month. Lease rates were not the same from one month to another. The salesman always was trying to sell me his inventory. I wanted a particular color for my Audi and nearly settled for wrong color and options due to pressure. I was looking for an alternative way and I found the CarTrust courses. I got to work with Joe and I was truly surprised how simple he made the 6 step process. He also had preferred dealers that were so friendly during my first test drive. Cartrust took care of all the pricing and lease details. I saved over $3100 with incentives and lease rate loyalty. This has to be the new alternative for women with demanding jobs and family life. Hey I invite All women to check out Cartrust on-line courses. Thanks to Joe and his team- this was really fun!!!

Lina C. Senior executive Women’s Fashion world.

«I was able to stay on budget under $400 per month.»

Being retired and on fixed income and single I was dreading this experience to buy a new car. As a former teacher I knew my subject matter as math teacher but I needed to find a way to better comprehend the car shopping process. My son Phil told me to check out the Cartrusteducation online courses for women. At first I thought to be a joke- a course for women! Anyway I had nothing to lose for $30.00.
Wow, I was surprised what Joe’s car shopping course was able to teach me about car shopping in 1 hour! Plus I had all the forms and most important the confidence to attain my goal. I was able to stay on budget under $400 per month. Dealer was so nice at Acura and offered me free oil changes. The CarTrust method was a surprise and I highly recommend that you upgrade as I did to the Elite service having professional help you as I did. Thx Joe – you are a breath of fresh air for all women like myself.

Gisele L. Retired teacher

«Every women should get a copy of this book!»

Who wouldn’t want the best deal? Joe Niro, author of “The Smart Woman’s Car Buying Guide” empowers women to make smart choices when purchasing and caring for their car. Up until now car shopping has been a man’s world and most women end up paying more than their male counterparts. Cartrust gives you the skills to negotiate your purchase and get the best price. Who can argue with saving money? Every women should get a copy of this book!

Wendy C., Chief Executive Officer – Mount Sinai Hospital Foundation

«Joe has taken the car industry to another level by empowering woman buyers!»

« Joe Niro » author of « The Smart Woman’s Car Buying Guide », has taken the car industry to another level by empowering woman buyers!!!!!!! Being of the gender, and owning 26 years experience as a Fleet Manager, dealership level, in a male dominated industry, I can affirm that « Joe Niro » has created a handbook that depicts the strong binding principals, values and morals that I have ultimately devoted to my customer relationships. A must book to have!!!!!!!!

Cathy B. Fleet Manager, Parkway Motors.

«I saved over $2225 over 4 year lease.»

Shopping my first new car was more difficult that I thought. I graduated from university 2 years and I was ready to but where do I start? My boyfriend came with me to dealer but he kept insisting on certain models and colors. I realized that he was buying car! Finally I verified with our HR services and they told me about a car shopping education service called I checked the site and enrolled in Essential course in September. I had no idea there was a book and online course. But I can assure all women any age that taking this course will avoid mistakes. YOU need to be ready as my mother overpaid $3000 for her Honda compared to a friend. Joe teaches that you must know your profile and budget. Never make a decision on the spot. Take home the contract and review. This was simple and Fun. I saved over $2225 over 4 year lease. I simply sent the cartrust price request form and had 3 dealers make me offers. Thx Cartrust for your new approach.

Tina O- Medical Health Care professional.