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Joseph Niro, CEO and Founder of CarTrust, believes that car shopping should be a stress-free and exciting experience. We at CarTrust care about your next car shopping trip. We ensure our partners uphold integrity, transparency and trust. Our partners uphold integrity, transparency and trust. Plus you will get great deals as CarTrust members!

Checkout dearlerships reviews in the USA and Canada below.

CarTrust has working hard to find Trusted Dealership partners that provide an above average sales, service and support. A list of Trusted Dealerships in North America will be available in early 2016.

How to find The Best Dealerships in North America? Click on links below and enter your city, state and automotive information. NOTE: Look for dealer certified Logo.

1- www.dealerrater.com/reviews/ (USA)
2- www.dealerrater.ca/reviews/ (Canada)
3- women-drivers.com (USA) (read dealership reviews)

Searching for Reviews

Hey Ladies, This is Caroline, Marie and Stephanie – We are looking for your Great Dealership experiences and reviews – Please send info to us ASAP – call them Dealership great reviews


Looking for Dealerships

CarTrust is Looking for Dealerships that want to participate in Trusted Dealers Program. See info@cartrusteducation.com to receive dealer kit.